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X-ray flat panel the four police officers involved in the “death of black people” were detained

Demonstrations and protests caused by the death of violent law enforcement by black American police are still escalating. According to the latest news from CNN, the four police officers involved are currently detained.
According to reports, at present, all former Minneapolis police officers charged with Freud’s death have now been detained.
According to reports, on the 3rd local time, the police officers Thomas Lane and Tou Thao were sent to the Hennepin County Prison at about 17:00 that day. The lawyer of the police involved, Alexander Kueng, told CNN that the former had surrendered himself earlier that afternoon. “Kneeling” Freud’s former policeman Derek Shaowen was charged with second-degree murder and has been detained since last week. The report said that the bail money of the four police officers involved was $1 million.


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