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What is the difference between CR and DR?

CR (Computerized Xray Imaging (CR)) generally refers to computer radiography. Computer radiography refers to an Xray projection imaging method that uses light to excite a storage phosphor as a detector, and also refers to a medical imaging device that uses such an imaging method.
DR refers to a new technology for digital Xray photography directly under computer control. The amorphous silicon flat panel detector converts the Xray information that penetrates the human body into a digital signal, and reconstructs the image and performs a series of images by computer. Post processing.
The DR system mainly consists of an Xray generator, a direct conversion flat panel detector, a system controller, an image monitor, and an image processing workstation. Due to the use of digital technology, DR can perform various image post-processing according to clinical needs, such as image automatic processing technology, edge enhancement and clear technology, zooming roaming, image stitching, window width adjustment of interest area, distance, area, density measurement, etc. Rich features. In addition, due to the wide dynamic range of the DR technology, the Xray photon emission detection performance (DQE) is high, and has a wide exposure latitude, and even a poor exposure condition can obtain a good image. The emergence of DR broke the concept of traditional Xray images and realized the transition from analog Xray images to digital Xray images that people dreamed of. Compared with CR (Computer Radiography) system, it has greater superiority.


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