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X ray flat panel detector trump’s second bunker escape

According to CNN, when Trump was covered again, the protests swept the United States. Violence caused by the death of white policeman “Knee Locked Throat” from African policeman George Floyd from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Miami, Florida, and Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Continued in many places in the United States.
The anger of the demonstrators also burned directly in front of the White House. After two sleepless nights of continuous demonstrations, Washington DC entered its first curfew night on the 31st. As the night grew darker, tensions between the demonstrators and the guard gradually increased. Then a rare scene happened-the White House extinguished its iconic lights at night in Washington, DC, and fell into darkness. But at this time, fires were ignited in many places around the White House: the demonstrators set fire, burned the national flag, and even the “National Historic Landmark” St. John’s Church was ignited.
In addition, CNN also mentioned that the American public is currently waiting for Trump to give a televised speech on President Freud’s death as a large-scale protest.
Trump tweeted early in the morning to attack Biden: The sleepy Joe’s supporters are all radical left!
Early in the morning on June 1, local time, Trump targeted Twitter opponents and former Vice President Biden on Twitter. He wrote: “The people (supporters) who doze off Joe (Biden) are so radical. The left, they are working to rescue the anarchists from prison, and perhaps more. Joe knows nothing about it, he is too ignorant, but they will become real forces, not Joe. They will give orders . A substantial tax increase for everyone.”


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