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DR X-Ray bucky stand for medical high frequency X ray machine

Double beds, double tubes, one machine dual use, can be used for photography diagnostic frame, also can be used for fluoroscopy, greatly reducing hospital costs.
Microcomputer control system, shooting conditions can be set to set kV priority mode, mA priority control mode, mAs mode and a variety of body posture exposure preset mode. Gastrointestinal fluoroscopy uses high-resolution CCD for high-density image intensifier acquisition, improve image spatial resolution and gray resolution for clinical detection provides an advanced means.
Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector
1. Vertical DR XRay bucky stand is used to examine the head, chest, abdomen, pelvic cavity and other parts of the human body by the combination of medical Xray machine and this device, so as to diagnose the focus. The general name of this product is XRay bucky stand, and its trade name is vertical XRay bucky stand.
The XRay bucky stand is suitable for DR flat panel detectors, CR IP boards and cartridges of different sizes.
2. Structure and technical parameters
(1) structure
The device is composed of a column, a sliding frame, a tablet box and a balancing device.


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