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The basic structure of DR detector

The basic components of the DR detector system include:
1. X-ray image receiver
Convert X-ray image into visible image (optical signal or electrical signal) or directly into digital signal, such as I.I-XTV imaging system, various detectors.
2. Data collector
Converting analog signals to digital signals is mainly composed of A/D converters.
3. Image processor
It mainly includes various data look-up tables, special arithmetic units, etc., and performs various image processing as needed, such as gray-scale transformation, black and white inversion, image filtering, digital subtraction, etc.
4. Memory
Used to memorize several digital images.
5. Image monitor
The digital image is converted into pixels with different brightness after D/A conversion, and is reproduced on the monitor according to a certain display matrix structure.
6. System controller
It is composed of computer host and other control circuits to complete the command and coordination of the entire system. The system converts the X-ray as the information carrier into visible light by I.I, and then converts it into a video signal by a CCD camera or camera tube camera, and forms a digital image signal after A/D conversion. This is the first DR device to be actually used.


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