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DR flat panel detector powell is responsible for the US invasion of Iraq

In 2003, US Secretary of State Powell took out a small bottle of white powdery solids at the UN General Assembly, emphasizing that this is the chemical weapon possessed by the Saddam regime. After the international community created an atmosphere in which the Iraqi government was a “terrorist organization,” the US military launched a war in Iraq without the authorization of the Security Council, claiming to “walk for the sky.” The war eventually plunged the US military into Iraq for more than ten years, costing trillions of dollars. More than 60,000 soldiers were killed and wounded, more than 1 million civilians were killed, and Saddam was hanged after being captured by the US.
For more than a decade, although the world has believed that the former George W. Bush administration planned this terrifying conspiracy, and Powell is considered to be the “culprit” for promoting war, there is no direct evidence of suffering. It was not until June 7 that Trump, the current president of the United States, finally became the snowman for Saddam Hussein. He clearly accused Powell of being responsible for the US invasion of Iraq.


The traditional X-ray photography we call is an intuitive physical quantity, which is a continuous image that shows another physical characteristic. It mainly uses the characteristics of X-ray penetration, which is characterized by continuous and intuitive access. The head image performance has the characteristics of generalization and real-time dynamic acquisition. However, the repeatability of the simulated image is poor. Once the imaging cannot be changed or post-processed, the dynamic range of the gray connection is small.
What we call the DR flat panel detector, that is, digital radiography, has undergone a fundamental change in the way of photography. From traditional analog imaging to digital imaging, the image is entered into the computer in digital form for storage, processing, transmission, and display. The detector photography is a digital X-ray photo. The advantages of the DR flat panel detector over traditional photography include:
1. Large dynamic range.
2. The density resolution is relatively high and post-processing is possible.
Three; the radiation dose is small.


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