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What are the types of flat panel detectors?

Flat panel detector is a kind of equipment used for X-ray imaging, which is often used in medical, industrial inspection and other fields. According to different applications and properties, flat panel detectors can be divided into the following types:
1. Direct Conversion Flat Panel Detector: This device converts X-rays directly into charge signals. It usually uses organic scintillators or silicon materials to convert X-ray energy into light or charge, which is converted into readable signals by photoelectric converters or electronic amplifiers.
2. Indirect Conversion Flat Panel Detector: It uses a scintillation material to convert X-rays into light, and then uses a photoelectric converter to convert the light into a charge signal. Common scintillation materials are yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG: Ce) and erbium aluminum garnet (Gd2O2S: Eu).
3. Polysilicon flat panel detector: It is a silicon-based detector used in X-ray imaging. It can directly convert X-rays to charge signals with high resolution and low noise level.
4. Enhanced CMOS flat panel detector: This type of flat panel detector is a detector based on enhanced complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. It has high dynamic range, high resolution and low noise level and is commonly used in medical imaging.
Each type of flat panel detector has its own characteristics and applicable application fields, and the selection of the appropriate device depends on the specific imaging needs. We are a company specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories. We have a complete range of flat panel detectors. Welcome to contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:


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