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How to choose the size of the flat panel detector

When selecting the appropriate flat panel detector size, the following factors can be considered:
Application Requirements: Determine what your specific application is for using the flat panel detector. Different applications may have different requirements for the size of the flat panel detector. For example, medical radiography may require larger flat panel detectors to cover a larger area, while industrial non-destructive testing may only require smaller flat panel detectors.
Object Size: Consider the size of the object you are inspecting. If the target object is large, you may need a flat panel detector large enough to cover the entire target area to obtain a complete image. If the target object is small, consider choosing a smaller flat panel detector to improve image resolution.
Space constraints: Consider the space constraints of your detection equipment. If you have limited space, you may want to choose a flat panel detector with a smaller size to better fit your equipment layout.
Budget constraints: The size of a flat panel detector is usually related to price. Large flat panel detectors tend to be more expensive than smaller detectors. Therefore, your budget is also one of the important considerations in choosing the size of a flat panel detector.
To sum up, the selection of the size of the flat panel detector needs to comprehensively consider factors such as application requirements, target size, space constraints, and budget constraints. It is best to consult with a supplier or a professional for more specific advice and recommendations before purchasing.
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