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Imaging principle of flat panel detector

Flat panel detector is an important tool widely used in the fields of medical imaging, industrial inspection and scientific research. Its imaging principle is based on the interaction of rays passing through objects and the detection of electronic signals.
First, let’s look at the properties of rays. The rays can be X-rays, gamma rays, particle beams, etc. As the ray passes through the object being inspected, its energy and intensity change. This change is caused by the absorption, scattering and transmission of objects. A flat panel detector obtains an image by detecting these changes in radiation.
Flat panel detectors usually consist of material layers, photosensitive layers and circuit layers. The material layer is the layer used to absorb the radiation, which is usually a special scintillation material. As the ray passes through the material layers, it interacts with the atoms in the material, producing photons. These photons are captured by the photosensitive layer.
The photosensitive layer is a key component in a flat panel detector. It is a layer of material with high sensitivity that converts photons into electronic signals. This conversion process is called the photoelectric effect. Electrons in the photosensitive layer are directed to the circuit layer for signal enhancement and processing.
The circuit layer is responsible for collecting, amplifying and processing electronic signals. It converts the signal into a digital signal that can be read and interpreted by a computer or display. The electronic components in the circuit layer can be designed and adjusted according to different application requirements.
Through this imaging principle, flat panel detectors can produce high-resolution images. It detects and quantifies the interaction of rays with objects, providing information about the object’s internal structure and composition. In medical imaging, flat panel detectors are widely used in fields such as X-ray perspective, tomography and radiation therapy.
All in all, flat panel detectors achieve imaging through the interaction of rays with objects and the detection of electronic signals. Its applications are wide-ranging and important, providing us with the ability to deeply understand the internal structure and composition of objects. We are a company specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories. If you happen to need a flat panel detector, please contact us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:


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