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Precautions when installing flat panel detectors

Flat panel detector is an important component in digital X-ray imaging equipment, the following points should be paid attention to during installation and use:
1. Avoid physical damage: When installing the flat panel detector, care should be taken to prevent it from contacting with other hard objects or sharp objects, so as not to scratch the surface or damage internal components. During installation, proper tools and protective measures must be used.
2. Avoid electrostatic interference: flat panel detectors have a greater risk of electrostatic interference. Therefore, before installation, the installation environment must be cleaned to ensure that it can effectively avoid electrostatic interference.
3. Operating specifications: When disassembling or installing the flat-panel detector, all operations must follow the equipment’s instruction manual and operating specifications. Take care to avoid excessive bending or stretching of cables and electrical wiring. Disassembly or installation of flat panel detectors must be carried out under the supervision of professional technicians.
4. Ensure stability: The flat panel detector must be installed on a shelf with a stable platform to ensure that it will not move or shake unnecessarily during use. In any case, the flat panel detector must be in close contact with the bracket to ensure stability.
In short, when installing flat panel detectors, care should be taken to protect the surface and internal components of the equipment, avoid electrostatic interference, standardize operations, and ensure the safety and stability of the equipment
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