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Use and maintenance of flat panel detectors

The flat panel detector is a high-tech medical imaging device that can directly convert X-rays into digital images. This product is widely used in various X-ray machines, and combined with X-ray machines to form a complete set of digital DR equipment.
Before working, the workstation software needs to be installed on the computer, so that the flat panel detector and the computer hardware and software are connected successfully. At this time, open the workstation software of the flat panel detector, select the AED mode as the exposure mode, that is, the automatic exposure detection mode, and when the software shows that the preparation is completed, you can start using it.
The flat panel detector is a relatively precise device, and the main temperature and humidity environment requirements must be within the specified range during use. Flat panel detectors generally require product maintenance and maintenance once a year. After a long period of use, flat panel detectors may have afterimages, which are caused by the normal aging of flat panel detectors. At this time, it is necessary to improve the imaging quality through calibration. Under normal maintenance and maintenance, the service life is generally about 5 years.
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