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Difference between flat panel detector and image intensifier

Everyone knows that flat panel detectors and image intensifiers are medical devices in the radiology department, and their main function is to convert invisible light into visible light. The image intensifier was invented in the 1950s. Its appearance greatly reduces the dose of X-rays received by patients. At the same time, it also makes the operation of doctors more convenient and protects doctors and patients to a greater extent. Image intensifiers gradually made fluorescent screen imaging a thing of the past. However, with the development of technology, the appearance of flat panel detectors is gradually eliminating image intensifiers, so what is the difference between flat panel detectors and image intensifiers?
The imaging speed of the flat panel detector is much faster than that of the image intensifier. The image intensifier has many imaging links, mainly using the photoelectric effect to convert the captured image into electrical signal processing, so the imaging time is longer, and it is easy to cause image information loss and noise increase, and the image quality is relatively poor. The flat panel detector converts electrical signals into digital signals, which are then stored and processed to generate images. The flat panel detector is imaged by a digital flat panel, and its imaging speed has been greatly improved compared with the image intensifier, and the image quality has also been greatly improved.
In terms of imaging area, as far as the “circular” imaging of the image intensifier is concerned, only a small part of the subject can be seen, while the “square” imaging of the flat panel detector has a larger imaging field of view than the former. It can obtain more image content, which is more conducive to the observation and diagnosis of doctors. The above is the difference between a flat panel detector and an image intensifier. Our company sells flat panel detectors in two sizes: 14*17 and 17*17. Our Whatsapp(Tel) number: +86 18953679166. Email: .

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