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How to repair the broken flat panel detector

Flat panel detector maintenance process:
1.Learn about the internal structure of the tablet.
2.Measure the plate node voltage.
3.Check that the system control IC does not send a signal to the Ic16 (74LVC540) tri-state bus buffer, and Ic16 has no high-level signal to the base of Q4. In order to judge whether the system control IC is damaged, try to disconnect the power supply from the digital power supply to the system control IC, and the tablet will immediately report a communication error, indicating that the possibility of the system IC being damaged is low. The next step should be to judge whether the external working conditions are satisfied.
4.When it is detected that the power supply is unstable, pin 8 outputs a reset signal, and the peripheral components and power supply of MB3771 are checked to be normal, so it is judged that lc25 itself is faulty. Troubleshooting after replacement.
5.A flat panel detector is a high-tech medical imaging device that converts X-rays into digital images. This product is widely used in various X-ray machines, and combined with X-ray machines to form a complete set of digital DR equipment.
The X-ray machine emits X-rays to irradiate the detected human body. Due to the different density of the human tissue structure, the density of the X-rays passing through the human body is also different. When the X-rays passing through the human body are irradiated on the flat panel detector, the The photoelectric conversion function can convert X-rays into images, and use the conversion function of the software to display the images on the computer.
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