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Portable flat panel detector imaging

In terms of imaging quality, there are two performance indicators for portable flat panel detector: quantum detection efficiency and spatial resolution. Different types of flat-panel detectors have different influence factors on the efficiency and spatial resolution of quantum detection.
The portable flat panel detector transistors that convert visible light into electrical signals and coated with scintillators will affect the quantum detection efficiency, which is related to the charge generation ability of the amorphous selenium layer in the direct conversion detector.
The spatial resolution of the direct conversion portable flat panel detector depends on the size of the thin film transistor matrix per unit area, and the size of the thin film transistor matrix per unit plane will affect the spatial resolution. Because different portable flat-panel detectors can distinguish different tissue density or the density of dense tissue in the tissue, using different flat-panel detectors in different parts is conducive to improving the image quality in the actual clinical operation.
Shandong Huarui’s portable flat panel detector is divided into linear and wireless type. At present, the wireless flat panel detector is the sales leader. If you are interested in this device, welcome to consult!

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