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How to choose digital flat panel detector?

Because different digital flat panel detectors can distinguish different tissue density or density of dense tissue in tissue, different digital flat panel detectors can help to improve the image quality in clinical practice.
From the perspective of image quality, the main performance parameters of the digital flat panel detector include modulation transfer function and quantum conversion efficiency. Modulation transfer function (MTF) describes the ability of the system to reproduce the spatial frequency range of the imaging object. Digital flat panel detector has different imaging effects, so in the process of clinical application, flat panel detector should be selected according to the actual image effect to obtain the highest quality image within the acceptable range.
The service life of digital flat panel detector is limited, generally less than five years. Its service life is determined by its service time, service degree and consumption degree.
According to the size, we divide flat panel detectors into 14 * 17 inch and 17 * 17 inch, as well as wireless flat panel and wired flat panel. If you are interested in this digital flat panel detector, welcome to consult!

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