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1717A flat panel detetor

Flat panel detector is the most important core part of DR technology, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. The core of DR technology is X-ray flat panel detector. DR can realize the intelligent operation mode of unrestricted free positioning and automatic tracking, which not only reduces the labor intensity of medical staff, but also improves the work efficiency of the hospital. At the same time, it fully meets the needs of daily standing and lying position X-ray photography, improves the comfort of patients with mobility difficulties in the examination process, and improves the accuracy of diagnosis of various diseases and routine health examination
Our 1717A flat panel detetor main specification,
Detector technology: a-Si / a-Si
Scintillator: GOS / CsI
Image size: 43 × 43cm
Pixel matrix: 3072 × 3072
Pixel pitch: 140µm
A / D conversion: 16bit
Spatial resolution: 3.6 LP / mm
Image acquisition time (wired / wireless): 1s / 2 ~ 3s
X-ray voltage range: 40-150 KV
Battery standby time: 8 hours
Data interface: GigE / 802.11ac

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