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Performance comparison between CR and DR

For these two different systems, analysis is now carried out in terms of system functions, image quality, control usage and software functions.

       1. Comparison of system functions: CR is improved in the traditional X-ray film photography device. It replaces the original film cassette with IP board, and has no major changes with the existing X-ray filming system. The IP board is in X. After the line exposure, the image information is stored on the IP board, and the IP board (similar to the cassette) is sent to the reading device for reading and processing, and the existing equipment can be modified. DR is a completely digital product, completely changing the traditional X-ray film photography process. After the X-ray exposure, the flat panel detector (FPD) converts the X-ray signal into a digital signal and sends it to the computer for processing. The device is a brand new number. X-ray machine.

       2. Image quality comparison: spatial resolution of image CR>3.5LP/mm, DR>3.6LP/mm; density resolution CR>212 grayscale, DR>214 grayscale, DR FPD display information>CR IP board The DR modulation transfer function MTF is higher than CR.

       3. Operation and use: At present, the use of CR and DR in hospitals has become more popular. According to incomplete statistics, each patient using X-ray traditional screen photography needs an average of 7.5 points/person, and CR photography requires 6 points/person, while DR is used. Photography needs 2.5 points / person, CR can be used with the original X-ray machine system suitable for X-ray film photography, especially in the complex position of special departments such as ICU, emergency room, and the DR system is more Suitable for perspective and spotting, photography and various contrast examinations.


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