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Pakistan customer consulting flat panel detector product

Recently, a customer in Pakistan saw the flat panel detector product on our official website, so he sent an email to inquire about the flat panel detector.
The flat-panel detector imaging system provides high-quality X-ray pictures on the video monitor immediately after the patient undergoes X-ray exposure. It can be used without changing the light in the X-ray room. Digital X-ray images will provide the following advantages: less program processing; more convenient patient management; immediate viewing of images; computer-aided diagnosis and more convenient storage on computer disks. Improvements in technology have facilitated a lot, but never reduced image quality or increased radiation exposure. In this case, the flat-panel detector has attracted much attention because it has the potential to solve most of the problems associated with obtaining high-quality digital radiographs. Although there are still technical issues surrounding the implementation process, it is still the only method identified so far that may be a panacea for all radiologists.

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