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Installation and use of dental sensors

Recently, a customer complained that the newly bought dental sensor could not be used normally and asked to replace the new machine. After remote debugging and testing by the engineer, it was found that there was no fault with the dental sensor. It is suggested that the user change a computer to reinstall the software and use it.

In order to reduce the cost, the previous computer used by the user was assembled from a computer purchased from a website. Although there was no big problem in normal use, the dental sensor purchased this time could not be used properly and even nearly affected the opening of the clinic due to the incompatibility of some medical legitimate software installed.

It is recommended that users pay attention to the installation and use of the dental sensor optional display although they do not need to buy a very expensive computer, but they must choose a regular channel of the brand computer, and regular computer antivirus, patient data backup, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.

With the digitization of medical devices, dental sensors are becoming more and more popular in all levels of hospitals and dental clinics.If you are also interested in our tooth sensor, please feel free to contact us


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