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Operation and use of DR system

DR system is a digital X-ray imaging system. Recently, some customers have consulted the operation and use method of DR system.Let’s take a look.
DR system consists of three parts: flat panel detector, control software system and computer hardware. It is used with X-ray machine.
DR system mainly through the computer workstation operating software system to complete the case management, image acquisition, image processing, image output.All operations other than ball tubes, mechanical motion control of detectors and adjustment of the size of the sunscreen can be completed through the workstation.
The basic operation process of the workstation: system login, patient information registration, position/protocol selection, exposure technical parameter setting, exposure to get the photographic image, image preview, image processing, image output.
Before the OUTPUT of DR system, Sinovel Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. will deliver the tablet detector, working software and computer after installation and debugging. Users can use the product directly after receiving it. There is no need for debugging and calibration, which is convenient for users to use.
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