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How many years can a flat panel detector last

Many users often ask how many years a flat panel detector can be used when consulting products. This is caused by the lack of understanding of flat panel detectors. how the appliance is maintained.
Now, whether it is flat-panel detectors such as amorphous selenium, amorphous silicon, CCD, or major international manufacturers, all detectors have a maximum warranty of five years. Now the hospital only pays attention to the brand during the purchase period, such as high pixels and high configuration, ignoring the service and equipment life, and the most basic goal of meeting the clinical use diagnosis is not paid attention to.
When the flat panel detector has been used for a certain period of time or has been exposed for a certain number of times, aging damage is inevitable and unavoidable. Generally, the bad points within five can be repaired by software, but more than ten points are white spots, so this is irreversible, and with the increase of exposure times, the bad points will become bad sectors. When the bad point just appeared, it was timely to ask the factory for maintenance, under normal circumstances, it would not be bad to that extent. According to the theoretical requirements, the flat panel must be calibrated every three to six months, which is also a reasonable requirement that the hospital needs to put forward to the manufacturer when purchasing and installing it. Moreover, the calibration procedures for flat panel detectors have been opened in most DR operations now, and the factory requires the hospital to calibrate the flat panel within a certain period of time.
Amorphous selenium is afraid of cold, and amorphous silicon is afraid of moisture. It is very important to maintain the working environment. During use, the environment of the computer room should be controlled as strictly as possible according to the manufacturer’s requirements. Be sure to install dehumidifiers and air conditioners in the computer room, otherwise it will be damaged. faster. In addition, the radiation will also cause damage to the conversion layer to age and reduce the efficiency, which is related to the cumulative dose. For a normal dose (500uR), it is not a big problem to maintain 70% of the efficiency after 1 million exposures. However, we must pay attention to the use of the shutter (especially the lateral lumbar spine, etc.), otherwise the part of the light leakage will be greatly accelerated due to the frequent exposure to excessive radiation.
Therefore, how many years a flat panel detector can be used is directly related to our usual maintenance and maintenance.
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