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Egyptian customers inquire about flat panel detectors

Egyptian customers see the flat panel detectors promoted by our company on the website of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and leave a message for consultation. We learned that the customer is a medical device distributor in Egypt, interested in flat panel detectors, mainly for medical use, and wants to cooperate with us to develop the Egyptian market.
We asked the customer what the most popular flat panel detector product specifications are in their market. The customer replied that it was a 14*17 cable board, and we sent the customer a flat panel detector product color page and photos of the corresponding specifications. The customer asked if they could be our authorized agent to sell our flat panel detectors in Egypt, and replied to the customer that we are very welcome to sell our products on behalf of the customer, we suggest that the customer can buy one as a sample first, if it is very popular in their market, then For bulk purchases, we will also give customers preferential prices.
Huading Electronics provides 14*17, 17*17 wired and wireless flat panel detectors, which can be used by hospitals and clinics at all levels, and can be adapted to almost all brands of X-ray machines. Please call for consultation if necessary.


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