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How big is a small flat panel detector?

Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly, and social development is changing rapidly, and medical equipment is no exception. In the past, hospital radiology departments used traditional imaging equipment, namely cassettes and film processors. This kind of traditional film processing equipment is slow in processing and cannot image in time and observe the disease in time. So now this kind of traditional equipment is gradually replaced by flat panel detectors, forming a set of DR equipment with X-ray machines.
The size of the flat panel detector is also different, there are 17*17 inches and 14*17 inches, of which the 14*17 inch flat panel detector is a relatively small flat panel detector, which can meet the needs of limbs, but is not enough for chest X-rays whole.
The above two are regular sizes, and other sizes of flat panel detectors are also produced. How big is the small flat panel detector, this can be customized according to customer’s requirements. Some customers need to use small flat panel detectors because the places where they need to be photographed are relatively small and precise. Of course, the price of this type of flat panel detector is also relatively high.
In addition, the sizes of industrial flat panel detectors and mammary panels are also special, and their common ones are 12*10 inches.
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