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Definition of CT and DR

CT is electronic computed tomography, and DR is digital X-ray photography, both of which are imaging detection methods that use X-ray imaging.
1. CT examination: According to the different transmittances of different tissues of the human body to X-rays, the obtained data is transmitted to the computer for reconstruction, and then the data is processed to display the image of the scanned part. CT scan time is fast and image density resolution is high. It is mainly used for the diagnosis of various parts of the body and various diseases, especially the examination of diseases related to thoracic and abdominal organs, such as cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor, emphysema, lung cancer, liver hamartoma, liver cancer, hepatic cavernous hemangioma, Ureteral stones, etc.;
2. DR inspection: mainly use amorphous silicon detectors to convert X-ray information into digital information, and then reconstruct images by computer. DR imaging speed is fast, the imaging time is only 3-5 seconds, and it has higher spatial resolution and lower X-ray radiation dose. DR is mainly suitable for the examination of musculoskeletal system, respiratory and circulatory system, abdominal cavity and other organs, especially for the diagnosis of fractures, bone mass, lung infectious diseases and other diseases.
Usually clinicians will choose specific inspection items according to the specific condition of the patient, and sometimes it is necessary to check both at the same time.
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