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Suzhou customers inquire about wireless flat panel detectors

Suzhou customers see the flat panel detectors promoted by our company on the website of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and call for consultation, wanting to know more about wireless flat panel detectors.
We learned that the client company plans to develop package inspection equipment, using the principle of X-ray imaging, and wants to find a suitable digital imaging system. The customer saw the wireless flat panel detector on our website and asked if this flat panel detector is suitable for their products. We first confirm whether the customer wants dynamic video imaging effect or static image imaging effect. The customer replied that it is static imaging, After confirming the voltage range of their ray source with the customer, confirm that the flat panel detector specified by the customer is suitable for their use, but we can only provide the flat panel detector to the customer. As for the workstation software, they need to develop their own according to the detection object, and the customer accepts this. Program.
Customers want to come to the factory to learn more about some product information, and also want to interview with us about the way of cooperation, we welcome this.

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