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Flat panel detector at the exhibition

American female singer Madonna revealed last week that her new coronavirus antibody test was positive, and she revealed on the 6th that she was infected with the new coronavirus on the “Mrs. X” world tour earlier this year and said her body has recovered.

According to the British “Express” report, the tour began in September 2019. After the outbreak, Paris banned more than 1,000 people, and the tour was shortened due to this effect. Madonna revealed on the 6th that she was not the only person who felt uncomfortable at the time. She explained that during the tour, other artists and dancers thought they were suffering from “very severe flu.”

In response to rumors that she was still ill. Madonna clarified: “We are all healthy now. When your antibody test is positive, it means you are infected with the virus. I fell ill when I ended my trip to Paris 7 weeks ago, and now I am cured.”

Madonna shared a review article praising her donation of $ 1.1 million for the development of a new coronavirus vaccine, and explained in the accompanying text the process of her infection with the new crown. She said she was very grateful to participate in the research and development of the Covid -19 vaccine.

On April 30th, Madonna announced through social media that the test showed that she already possessed antibodies to the new coronavirus, and made “amazing” remarks that she would drive out, shake the window down, and breathe “new coronavirus air.” According to information released by the US Centers for Disease Control, it is unclear whether antibodies can provide appropriate immunity to prevent reinfection.
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