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x ray dr dominate the market

CCTV News: If you want to restart the economy and protect the safety of the workers who resume work, you can’t do without the new crown virus detection and antibody detection. On the 6th local time, the U.S. White House press secretary Kelly McNani reported at a press conference that as of that day, the number of new coronavirus tests in the United States had reached 7.5 million times, “has already become the world’s first”-but One saying seems to have been “slapped” by someone else.
Faced with questions from reporters on the spot, McNerney also published his own “high opinion” on the detection of the new crown virus.

However, domestic experts in the United States are very uncomfortable with the White House’s “American virus detection ‘world’s first'” claim.

Frederick Bushman, a professor of microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania, pointed out that in this regard, many countries in the world have done better than the United States. Although the detection capabilities of the United States have improved, there is still a long way to go.

At a hearing on the research and development of new coronavirus detection technologies held by the US Senate on the 7th, some US senators also criticized the federal government’s lack of leadership in testing during the outbreak.
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