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dr has more voice in the market

The United States intends to allow Huawei to participate in the construction of 5G standards

According to Reuters reports, people familiar with the matter said the US Department of Commerce is about to sign a new rule that allows US companies to cooperate with Huawei to set standards for the next generation of 5G networks.

According to analysis, after the US Department of Commerce listed Huawei on the “Entity List” last year, the cooperation between US companies and Huawei on the 5G standard was affected, harming US companies’ own interests.

Industry sources and government officials said the United States is at a disadvantage. (Because) In the formulation of industry standards, American engineers appear to be more “silent” than Huawei’s voice. This may imply that the competitiveness of US companies is no match for Huawei.

The reason is that after the “entity list”, the United States forbids American companies from drafting 5G standards with Huawei, which affects the right of the United States to speak on 5G. The communication restrictions between US companies and Huawei are very strict. The two parties cannot even communicate privately in private, which also affects the business related to standard setting.

5G standard formulation is done through the 3GPP standards organization. Huawei has always been in it and is a global standard.

At present, Huawei has a greater say in these organizations.

According to Yicai’s report, a representative of a Chinese manufacturer participating in the formulation of 5G standards said that Huawei has been strongly involved in the formulation of 5G standards. It is just not possible to communicate alone (with American companies), but you can communicate freely at the conference. “Even Huawei U.S. companies have not allowed teleconferences, e-mails, etc. with Huawei China’s standard colleagues before,” the person said.

And now allows American companies to set standards with Huawei, the purpose is to strengthen the US voice in 5G. This time the focus should be to allow American companies to participate together with Huawei, which is equivalent to letting Huawei develop 5G technology to bring American companies. It turns out that American companies do not communicate with Huawei. Americans feel that they are losing money. Now they have to let go.
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