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DR Detector: “Digital Camera” Sensing X-ray

DR detectors can be understood as a relatively large X-ray ‘digital camera used to take pictures of the human body. A DR detector can be compared to a digital camera. The difference is that a digital camera captures visible light, while a DR detector captures X-rays, which can be regarded as a digital camera that senses X-rays. The chip used for imaging in mobile phones is only a few millimeters in size, while flat panel detectors are particularly large when used in medical imaging equipment. Previously, as a key component, the import of a flat panel detector required 1 million yuan. The total cost of an X-ray machine is about 1.2 million yuan, and the role of the DR detector is evident.

In major hospitals, digital radiography (DR) equipment, as the current mainstream X-ray filming instrument, has become one of the necessary “weapons” in radiology departments. The most important component of the DR device is the DR detector, which directly affects the definition of the film and the speed of image acquisition.

Experts in clinical and engineering circles generally believe that DR equipment is an essential product for high-level digital imaging diagnosis, treatment and application.

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