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Indirect flat panel detector imaging

Here, we will focus on the two most critical parts that directly determine the performance of flat panel detectors: scintillator and detector.

For X-ray imaging, indirect imaging is mostly adopted at present. We can see that the interior of the flat plate detector mainly includes:

Scintillator (gray) – detector (blue) – readout circuit panel detector (dental panel detector) in short, the scintillator is responsible for converting x-rays into visible light (x-rays are difficult to detect directly by the detector),

The detector reads visible light and converts it into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to a PC by a readout circuit.

Scintillator is simply an optical converter that converts x-rays into easily detectable visible light.There are many types of scintillator. Currently, CsI (cesium iodide scintillator) is mainly used in dental X-ray.

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