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DR detector can be used for several years

DR flat panel detectors are used for a certain number of years, usually three to five years. After a certain number of exposures, the aging and damage of the DR flat panel detector is inevitable and inevitable.
Mainly because of the high integration of the internal components of the DR flat panel detector, and the unstable physical properties of the amorphous silicon oxide transistor, which decays quickly under light, so a large area of ​​dead pixels appear every day. When it reaches a certain amount, it cannot be repaired, and the entire DR flat panel detector needs to be replaced.
During the operation of the medical DR system, if dust accumulates on the DR flat panel detector, it will affect the clarity and cleanliness of the image. The more dust, the worse the clarity and cleanliness, which will seriously damage the imaging effect. , Causing misdiagnosis. Therefore, the daily cleaning of the DR flat panel detector is very important.
Vibration will also affect the frame and DR flat panel detectors, and the degree of influence caused by different vibration amplitudes is also different. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the operator must prevent the DR flat panel detector from colliding with the detector housing and causing vibration. Doing the above two points is helpful to prolong the service life of DR flat panel detectors.



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