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What are the imaging characteristics of DR flat panel detectors

Both medical digital imaging equipment and industrial digital imaging equipment are inseparable from the DR flat panel detector system. What are the main features of the DR flat panel detector system!
Features of X-ray flat panel digital imaging technology
(1) The DR flat panel detector system is a direct X-ray conversion technology that converts X-ray image information into digital image information, with few imaging links, direct and short signal conversion paths, and no optical essential changes.
(2) The DR flat-panel detector system has no image blur caused by optical scattering, and its definition is mainly determined by the size of the pixel.
(3) The powerful quality control module and post-processing technology of the DR flat panel detector system ensure the stability of image quality.
(4) The DR flat panel detector system has automatic exposure control technology.
(5) No magnetic interference, no magnetic correction.
(6) The flat imaging dose range is wide, that is, the imaging has a large exposure range, which means that in fact, re-shooting due to over and underexposure is eliminated. It can still image clearly at lower and higher doses, and the exposure time is very short, only tens of seconds. (7) The image is rich in layers, the image is a 14-bit holographic digital image, and different levels of information can be observed according to the adjustment of the window frame and window level.
(8) The image of the flat panel is flat, clear and consistent, and the effect is equivalent to that of the film.
(9) The DR flat panel detector is light in weight and small in size. The volume is 20% of the image intensifier. It not only replaces the image intensifier, but also includes the attached image recording device. The small volume and quality of the flat panel can be realized on the probe arm. There is a large range of activities. The flat panel is more economical and practical than the image intensifier, and its life span is much longer than that of the image intensifier.

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