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Digital flat panel detector fluorography

According to the classification of working methods, the flat-ray detector digital ray detection technology is divided into digital fluoroscopy (Digital Fluorography, DF or DSI, DSF, industrial real-time imaging Real-time Image) and Digital Radiography (DR).

Digital Perspective uses an image intensifier (I.I.) plus a camera to acquire signals and a flat panel detector (FPD) to acquire signals. Digital photography is divided into direct conversion (DDR), direct digital radiography (IDR, Indirect Digital Radiography). The device used in the direct conversion mode is mainly the FPD of the direct conversion mode; the device used in the indirect conversion mode has the FPD of the indirect conversion mode and other devices such as the IP board of the CR, the Charge Coupling Device (CCD), and the complementary metal oxide. Semiconductor (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, CMOS) and the like. Therefore, DR is a general term that refers to a variety of digital radiography techniques. Today, I have only briefly introduced the basic working principles, advantages and disadvantages of CR and DR, which are the latest applications in digital X-ray photography.

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