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Daily maintenance and maintenance of DR

DR is a very precise and very expensive instrument. In addition to the above-mentioned common faults and diagnostic solutions, it is also necessary to combine its actual performance for good maintenance and maintenance in daily life applications. The actual situation analyzes the cause of the failure. Specifically, the following issues should be focused on:
This type of machinery and equipment has very strict requirements for the use of the environment. The humidity of the environment is 30% to 70%. For the amorphous selenium flat panel detector, the temperature of the environment is 10 degrees to 35 degrees, which is the most suitable work. The environment is 20 degrees to 25 degrees. If the temperature of the environment is too low, the amorphous selenium layer will fall off the glass substrate, and when the temperature in the environment is too high, it will cause the amorphous selenium detector to produce crystals. Circumstances, therefore, it will cause certain damage to the detector, resulting in unreal image formation, which will seriously affect the diagnosis of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity in the environment throughout the day to continuously extend the service life of the amorphous selenium detector.
In order to ensure the safety of the use of the equipment, do not arbitrarily connect external hard disks and other storage devices to the equipment, and avoid the use of irrelevant equipment on it to cause equipment poisoning. After use, clean the equipment frequently to avoid foreign matter on it and prevent dust from entering the machine and equipment, which will affect the quality of the detector. Therefore, ensure that the environment in the machine room is often ventilated and dry to keep the machine dry and clean.
In addition, the relevant components of the DR system need to be carefully and scientifically used and reasonably maintained, so as to continuously extend the service life of the equipment and ensure that it has good working efficiency. If there is an abnormal sound during use, you should find the part of the equipment where the abnormal sound is emitted and the part where the operation of the system equipment is hindered by looking at the direction and listening to the sound, and repair it in time to ensure the normal use of the machine.veterinary flat panel detector


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