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An inquiry for an X-ray detector

We have received an inquiry for a 14* 17X X-ray detector from a customer in Peru.We recommend Newheek’s 1417 amorphous silicon board X-ray detector to our customers.Digital X-ray photography (digital radiography), known as the “, Ph.D., is a new technology developed in the 1990 s of x ray photography, because has the imaging speed, easy to operate, improve the image resolution and other significant advantages, thus became the dominant direction of digital X-ray photography, and the clinical and imaging experts recognized all over the world.The technical core of DR is X-ray detector.Plate detector is a precise and expensive instrument, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality.Familiar with the performance index of detector, which is helpful to improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose.

The main parameters of type 1417A X-ray detector are as follows:










Detector category: amorphous silicon

Scintillator: Gadolinium oxysulfide / Cesium iodide

Image size: 35cm × 43cm

Pixel matrix: 2560 × 3072 cm

Pixel pitch: 140µm

A / D conversion: 16bit

Spatial resolution 3.6 LP / mm

Drawing time (wired / wireless): 1s / 2.5s

X-ray working range: 40-150 KV

Battery standby time: 8 hours

Wireless battery standby time: 10 hours

Data interface: GigE / 802.11n, ac

Power: 20 W

Adapter input AC: 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Adapter output DC: 24V, 60W

Detector size: 38 × 46 × 1.5 cm

Detector weight (wireless with battery / wired): 3.3kg / 2.9kg

Detector shell material: carbon plate, magnesium alloy

Waterproof level: IPX3

Working environment: 5-35ºC, 10-75% RH


If you are interested in this 14×17 X-ray detector, please contact us via email!

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