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The clinical application of different types of X-ray flat panel detectors

Compared with amorphous silicon X-ray flat panel detectors, amorphous selenium X-ray flat panel detectors have the best MTF value, but when the spatial resolution increases, the MTF of amorphous silicon X-ray flat panel detectors drops rapidly, while Selenium X-ray flat-panel detectors can still maintain a good MTF value, which is closely related to the imaging principle that amorphous selenium X-ray flat-panel detectors directly convert incident invisible X-ray photons into electrical signals.

Because DQ E affects the contrast of the image, the spatial resolution affects the image’s ability to distinguish details. The D R of different types of X-ray flat-panel detectors should be selected according to different inspection locations in the filming. For examinations like the chest, the focus is on observing and distinguishing the density of different tissues, so the density resolution requirements are relatively high. In this case, it is advisable to use the DR of the indirect conversion X-ray flat-panel detector, so that the DQ E is relatively high, and it is easier to obtain higher contrast images, which is more conducive to diagnosis; for inspections of parts such as limbs, joints, and breasts, it is necessary to check The details must be displayed with a higher level and the spatial resolution requirements are very high. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt the DR of the direct conversion X-ray flat panel detector to obtain high spatial resolution images. At present, most manufacturers’ digital X-ray machines use direct conversion X-ray flat panel detectors.

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