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Advantages of Newheek xray detector

The xray detector is configured on a digital X-ray machine and is directly connected to a computer monitor for digital imaging.
Newheek’s xray detector is made of cesium iodide and the image is clearer.
1. Digital image (DR) has clear and delicate images, high resolution, wide grayscale, large information content and large dynamic range.
2. High density and resolution, as well as obtaining more image details are the most important features of digital X-ray images, which are better than ordinary X-ray images.
Xray detector composition
3. The projection speed of DR is fast, and the effect of motion artifacts is small.
4. DR imaging has low radiation. Since the sensitivity of a flat panel detector that digitizes X-ray images is much higher than that of ordinary X-ray images, relatively little energy is required to obtain a relatively satisfactory image.
Taking digital X-ray images can reduce the amount of radiation by 30% to 70%.
Our xray detector can provide you with different purchasing requirements.

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