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Flat panel detector price

Many customers will ask about the price of flat panel detectors, and they don’t understand why flat panel detectors are so expensive. Let’s take a look at the functions of flat panel detectors.
The flat panel detector is composed of a shell (protective layer), a fluorescent layer, a circuit board, and a heat sink. The fluorescent layer is divided into CSI and GDS (GDOS0). The phosphor layer of CSI displays clearer images, and the phosphor screen of GDS has higher sensitivity. According to semiconductor materials, it can be divided into amorphous selenium flat panel detectors and amorphous silicon flat panel detectors. Amorphous selenium flat panel detectors have higher sensitivity and are usually used for dynamic plates.
The flat-panel detector is the core of the DR digital imaging system technology. The flat-panel detector is a sophisticated and precious device that plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of the detector will help us improve the imaging quality and reduce X-rays. Radiation dose.

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