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Peruvian customer inquired about our DR detector

Recently, a customer from Peru inquired about our DR flat panel detector. Everyone knows that the DR detector is a complex and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in the image quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of DR detectors can help improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose.
DR detectors can be divided into two types: CCD DR and flat panel DR. Compared with amorphous silicon flat panel DR, the imaging of amorphous silicon flat panel DR is 1:1 symmetrical, and there is no optical transmission process. The CCD DR uses an optical system to transmit signals, and uses a super-large-aperture optical lens with high sensitivity, a high-resolution CCD camera, a cesium iodide acquisition flat panel, and advanced image processing technology. The realization goals of the two are the same, they both output high-quality images to serve patients. From the perspective of the final clinical effect, the products of the two different technical paths can finally output high-quality X-ray images to serve patients.
As users, we cannot be disturbed by the outside world to form a simple mindset, thinking that “a flat panel is good and a CCD is bad” or “a CCD is good and a flat panel is bad”.
A good DR product must experience the baptism of the market and be widely recognized by users. Users can make the best judgment on product image quality and manufacturer’s service quality. And this is also the reference point that users need to rely on when buying products.
The choice of CCD DR or tablet DR should be based on the specific requirements of the user, budget and other specific choices. I hope that every customer can buy the product they like.

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