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Advantages of Flat Panel Detectors

What are the advantages of flat panel detectors? It has many advantages, the most powerful point is that it does not need to be developed in a darkroom, and it also replaces the bulkiness of CR. The performance of the flat panel detector is a key factor in the quality of DR imaging, which largely determines the level of DR. According to the detector material classification, it is divided into:
1) Indirect digitalization (CCD+CMOS);
2) Direct digitalization (amorphous silicon + scintillation coating, amorphous selenium);
Moreover, the current mainstream of detector materials is amorphous silicon (mature technology, strong stability, and good imaging quality).
The structure of the amorphous silicon flat panel detector includes: the first layer is a scintillator, the second layer is a TFT sensor, and the third layer is an integrated circuit board composed of a main board, a readout chip, and a control chip. The scintillator converts invisible light into visible light. The control chip controls the opening and closing of the TFT switch in each pixel unit through the horizontal circuit. The readout chip receives the electrical signal from the TFT sensor through the vertical data transmission circuit and converts it into a digital signal. Signal.

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