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A clinic in Canada ordered our flat panel detector

A customer in Canada inquired about our flat panel detector through the website. Through communication, we learned that the customer was a general clinic, and there were colleagues around him who were using our DR equipment, so he came to inquire about our products. Some patients will take the films to his clinic to diagnose the lumbar and cervical spine and ask us what good equipment we can recommend. We ask customers if they have ever used and know about a DR X-ray machine. Customers responded that friends were using it, but didn’t know how powerful the device was. We recommend the 5KW100mA portable X-ray machine and flat panel detector currently commonly used in orthopedics. We briefly introduced that the one-time investment price of digital imaging system (flat panel detector) is higher, no other consumables are needed, and imaging is instant, so the price is higher than film imaging. The customer was very satisfied after seeing our quotation.
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