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A customer in Ecuador ordered our FPD

A customer from Ecuador saw the flat-panel detector on our website and was very interested in our products. He wanted to know more about its detailed information and quotation.
Through communication with the customer, we learned that the other party is a red wine manufacturer and wants to purchase a flat-panel detector to use with its own X-ray machine to detect wine bottles. I used a fluoroscopy machine with a static flat-panel detector before. I felt that the existing FPD was too small and wanted to change it to a larger one. We said that fluoroscopy machines are generally used with dynamic FPD. Customers said that they have been using the static one, but the dynamic one is not very effective. We sent the customer the information and quotation of the 14″*17″ flat panel detector. After seeing it, the customer said it was acceptable and thought we were very professional.
Our flat-panel detectors are equipped with workstation software, which can be used for medical or veterinary purposes. They can be imaged directly on the computer without developing the film. It can also be used with a variety of different styles of X-ray machines, with clear imaging results and high cost performance.
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