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1688 Inquiry Yiwu Customer Inquiry Flat Panel Detector

On September 13, 2022, 1688 inquiries were received. Yiwu customers inquired about flat panel detectors, which were exported to Peru. The 1717 wireless panel pictures were sent, and the panel parameters were told to meet their requirements, and the customer was informed that 4343Z is a high-performance , A box-sized wireless/wired flat panel detector with both wired and wireless functions. The wireless battery version can last at least 14 hours, supports 802.11ac, and the maximum transmission speed can reach 1300M. At the same time, the detector has excellent quality such as high DQE, high resolution and so on. The detector is highly sensitive and supports automatic exposure detection, which can be easily connected and synchronized with all high voltage generators.
Report 1717 wireless flat panel detector + laptop (including acquisition software): * 10,000, the customer said that they need to report to the user for confirmation and then contact me.
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