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What precautions should be taken when using a flat panel detector?

Now in the field of radiology, more and more hospitals and clinics choose to upgrade the DR equipment, so that the film can be observed on the computer in time, which is convenient and fast. In the DR system, the flat panel detector is an indispensable equipment, so what protection should be done when using the flat panel detector? Now let’s look at the precautions when using a flat panel detector.
Provide a good use environment. Flat panel detectors have unique requirements for the temperature and humidity of the environment. Our hospital keeps the equipment room clean and ventilated according to the requirements of the equipment. The temperature is kept at about 25 ℃ and the relative humidity is 40%~70%. To ensure the normal power supply and voltage stability of the DR system, Under normal circumstances, the flat panel detector uses a computer temperature control system to make it in the best working state, so it is necessary to keep the DR system, especially the flat panel detector system, uninterrupted power supply. If the power supply line is out of power, it must be shut down according to the procedure before the outage, and turned on according to the procedure after the power is supplied to avoid the sudden power failure of the DR system, so as to ensure the safe and normal use of the DR system. Second, regular calibration. Under normal circumstances, the flat panel detector should be calibrated regularly after a period of use. This work requires strict requirements, and our hospital is managed by a special password. 3. Exposure condition setting. The original settings can be changed or added according to local conditions, including the setting of the irradiation field, the use of detectors, kilovolts, milliamps, etc. In order to maintain the quality of the image, the exposure conditions must be set to reduce the X-ray exposure dose as much as possible on the premise of ensuring that the amount of image information is large enough. Increase or decrease photography conditions.
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