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Zhejiang customer consulted to upgrade DR digital system

Today, a customer from Tianjin called us and said that they wanted to upgrade the digital DR system. The client said that they had an analog X-ray machine and needed to process the film in a dark room, which would generate a lot of medical waste. Because of the environmental protection requirements and long-term in-depth understanding of digital DR systems, he wanted to upgrade a digital DR system X-ray machine. He consulted on the working principle of the digital DR system and related costs. I explained to the customer that the digital DR system uses the DR detector to complete the signal conversion, which can be directly imaged by the software in the computer. You can view the image on your computer, or you can buy a film printer to print it out. Very little film waste is produced. The customer felt that installing a digital DR system was a very cumbersome task, so I told him the whole process and the pros and cons. The customer thinks this is a very important thing, and then asks the price, and tells the customer that the price of the digital DR system of different sizes and styles is different and needs to be calculated.
The customer has a general understanding and said that he needs to discuss the plan with the dean. If possible, he will confirm the purchase of the digital DR system produced by Newheek. If you also want to upgrade the X-ray machine to a digital DR system for instantaneous computer imaging, please contact us.


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