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The principle of flat panel detector

The core of DR technique lies in flat panel detector, which is a kind of sophisticated and expensive equipment and plays a decisive role in imaging quality.

Principle of the basic work process at flat panel detector

1. The incident X-ray image is converted into visible light image by cesium iodide scintillation crystal.

2. The visible image is converted from the amorphous silicon photodiode array at the next layer to the charge image

3. Take out the charge signal line by line, convert it into digital signal, and then transmit it to the computer to form the X-ray digital image.

Structural characteristics of cesium iodide (Csl:T1 scintillator) :

Continuous, needle-like

The diameter is about 6-7ym

Um thickness is 500-600

Surround the perimeter with thallium to reduce diffusion

It can be used in different areas such as medical treatment and animal detector to meet your different procurement needs.If you are interested in this tablet detector, please contact us.

Characteristics of amorphous selenium detector


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