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X-ray detector for DR filming machine

The x-ray detector is used in the filming machine to form a DR filming machine, which can directly view images from a computer.
Newheek’s x-ray detector contain proven amorphous silicon x-ray detector technology, high quantum detection rate, effective reduction of radiation dose under the premise of ensuring image quality, intelligent X-ray tube overload/overheat protection, high frequency high voltage generator Over-current overload protection ensures safe operation of the whole machine. Intelligent motion control, three-level limit protection (software, hardware, emergency stop).
DR filming machine workflow
(1) The column-type rack is equipped with a movable bed-bed inspection bed, which can be used together with a flat chest piece to perform X-ray examination of various positioning patients, which is extraordinary in ease of use and flexibility.
(2) Using amorphous silicon x-ray detector, the image is clear, the performance is stable, digital image processing, storage and management are realized and equipped with one-stop software, which is low in cost and high in cost performance;
(3) Portable tablet, convenient and light, can realize flexible shooting at various angles and improve work efficiency.


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