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Wireless 14×17-inch high-performance tablet

New generation high performance 14 x 17 “wireless static high performance tablet. It adopts the direct growing caesium iodide process with pixel size of 100 micron, more reliable AED automatic exposure control, higher image detail expression and endurance, online charging and high-protection lightweight structure design and other cutting-edge technologies, which are excellent choices for high-end DR applications.
Wireless-14×17 inch high performance tablet
The characteristics of flat panel detector are as follows:
Wireless card high performance tablet
Stable and reliable AED control
100 micron pixel size, 16 bit ADC hd image detail
Large capacity battery design, 8+ hours of battery life
Lightweight design, IP57 protection rating
Wireless high-speed transmission, better user experience
Direct growth cesium iodide process has perfect DQE in all spatial frequencies
Amorphous silicon is ideal for X-ray receivers because it is immune to radiation damage.
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