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Whether the size of the plate detector can be customized

A lot of customers called us to ask whether we could customize the size of the flat panel detector, and we replied no, the reason is explained below.

Newheek offers 14*17 inches and 17*17 inches flat panels in regular sizes, as well as 10*12 inches for breast panels, which are suitable for most X-ray machines.

The LCD of conventional size flat panel detector is mass produced with fixed size mold. If the size of flat panel detector needs to be customized, the corresponding size of LCD screen production mold should be customized first. However, the cost of mold customization is very high, which greatly increases the overall production cost.Secondly, the conventional size adjustment, the size and layout of the existing circuit board also need to be adjusted, will also increase the production cost.Therefore, we do not recommend customers to customize the tablet detector unless there is a high volume demand.

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