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What is the size of the flat panel detector 14*17

The working principle of the flat panel detector is that the incident X-ray photons excite electrons in the amorphous selenium layer, and the electrons move in the opposite direction under the action of an external electric field to generate a current. The magnitude of the current is proportional to the number of incident X-ray photons. These current signals are stored on the inter-electrode capacitance of the TFT, and each TFT and capacitance form a pixel unit. The thin film transistor array reads out and digitizes the electrical signal.
The common sizes of flat panel detectors are 14*17 inches and 17*17 inches. 14*17 inches is 35*43CM, 17*17 inches is 43*43CM. 14*17 is the inch of the flat panel detector, you should know how big flat panel detector you should buy.

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